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About me.

Why this.

I created Restoration Physical Therapy in response to what I see as a broken, fragmented way of healing injuries in our health care system.  I had just spent 10 years working with elite athletes at UC Berkeley as team physical therapist for football and Olympic sports - 1500 Division I athletes spanning 27 sports, working directly in the training room, at weeklong camps, gameday, on the field, on the track, on the ground.  It was the ultimate bubble of healing - cutting edge technology, a multidisciplinary team approach to whole-person wellness and limitless opportunities for continuing education and clinical growth. I could treat as creatively and scientifically as I wanted - free from typical revenue-generating or ineffective box-checking techniques.  The purpose was to give the athlete the gift of the sport - so they could do their best. As the last engineer on the line, (figuratively speaking) I discovered I excel at (and love) finding solutions to what seems like unsolvable problems. This is what I offer you in my practice.

My training.

I was in one the lucky few University of Colorado cohorts that was taught orthopedic physical therapy practice from an osteopathic foundation rather than the traditional system. From the very beginning this taught me to approach problem solving in creative and indirect ways, to think in terms of layers. diagonals, rotations, breathing, cellular-level healing, and global vs. micro patterns. 

Some of my additional training and certifications include: 

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy (Regis University, 2011)

  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS, 2013)

  • Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS, 2012)

  • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC, 2002) which is vastly different from personal trainer

  • Pilates Rehabilitation Certification (Polestar Pilates, 2005)

  • Active Release Certification (upper extremity, lower extremity, spine, neuro-mobilization, 2004-2007)

  • Graston Certified (2006)

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling (2014) 

  • Pelvic Health (Kaiser)

  • Manual medicine

    • Functional Manual Therapy (Institute of Physical Art)

    • Osteopathic techniques (muscle energy, craniosacral, strain-counterstain, myofascial)

    • Maitland (Kaiser-affiliated year long manual therapy training), Mulligan, Kaltonborn

    • Exercise and Manual Medicine (Mark Boukhout)

    • Manipulation 

  • Yoga Alliance Certified instructor (RYT200, 2010, Bhakti flow, Rusty Wells)

  • Balance and vertigo

  • Osteoporosis

  • Running biomechanics

I am on a continual path and have much to learn.

Current clinical interests are functional spine, adult scoliosis, visceral mobilization, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine - specifically the relationship between internet use/overuse and the fear drivers of chronic pain, including pelvic pain. I am constantly learning and changing. From all my teachers. From you, my teacher. 

About you.

You may relate to some or all of the following statements:

I've been injured for so long that I am starting to lose hope. Or...I've had a series of seemingly unrelated injuries in what feels like a game of Whack-a-mole.  I set high expectations for myself.  I am or was an athlete (dancer, musician, martial artist, work in physical jobs).  I have a goal to run a 5K/10K/play beach volleyball/surf/do something that excites me but I am limited by injury or pain.   At times I feel overwhelmed in my life.  I've seen multiple providers, including those recommended as the best.  I am in a life transition or considering a job or career change. My home exercise program doesn't seem to be getting to the problem.   I feel pressure to succeed or achieve. I had surgery and still have the same pain. Or surgery is being discussed as an option. Sometimes I work to exhaustion in my job or in pursuit of a goal. I would consider myself an optimist. 

About us.

What working together looks like: 

Connection is healing. We will peel away the layers of the onion of your injury through collaborative teamwork. It's about asking questions of each other and listening and hearing the answers. We will look at your whole body - head to toe and regionally - to uncover all the contributing factors.  I will put my best clinical and creative skills into action and we will unwind the years of micro traumas and overuse that got you where you are today.  As an out-of-network physical therapist I am able to provide you with hour long, one-on-one sessions.  Every visit has detail - a thorough evaluation or re-evaluation and the manual therapy that meets you where you are. You will leave with a custom home exercise prescription to correct the dysfunctional movement patterns that cause the problems. We will laugh, possibly cry. We will connect the dots.

What working together is not:

Working together is not a passive process. The results we get are directly proportional to the consistent - daily - work you put in and the feedback we get from you doing this work. We won't be using modalities, taping or devices - these are only weakly supported by evidence. They might feel good but waste your time because they don't change long term outcomes.  Working together is not dictated by your insurance coverage nor driven by email marketing blasts. We make a plan based on your individual goals and progress.  You will not be seen by an aide or tech. A good PT aide is priceless in a busy hospital or clinic. But I was an aide for three years before PT school and I can tell you I didn't have had a clue about what was really going on with you!

Let’s Work Together

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